Anni 2014-2016

Articoli Scientifici



Nascimento LP, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Renan-Ordine R, Riquelme I, Ricard R, Rodriguez-Blanco C.
Comparative assessment of tactile sensitivity between undergraduate and postgraduate health sciences students
International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 2016;19:13-19

Nascimento LP, Martini J, Callil Voos M, Chien HF, Caromano FA

Development of a new haptic perception instrument: a pilot study

Arq. Neuro-Psiquiatr. 2016;74(1):75



Rodriguez-Blanco C, Cocera-Morata FM, Heredia-Rizo AM, Ricard F, Almazan-Campos G, Oliva- Pascual-Vaca A.
Immediate Effects of Combining Local Techniques in the Craniomandibular Area and  Hamstring Muscle Stretching in Subjects with Temporomandibular Disorders: A  Randomized Controlled Study
J Altern Complement Med. 2015 Aug;21(8):451–9.

Cardoso-de-Mello-E-Mello-Ribeiro AP, Rodriguez-Blanco C, Riquelme-Agullo I, Heredia-Rizo AM, Ricard F, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A.
Effects of the Fourth Ventricle Compression in the Regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System: A Randomized Control Trial

Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2015;2015:148285.



Casanova-Méndez A, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Rodriguez-Blanco C, Heredia-Rizo AM, Gogorza- Arroitaonandia K, Almazán-Campos G.
Comparative short-term effects of two thoracic spinal manipulation techniques in subjects with chronic mechanical neck pain: A randomized controlled trial.
Man Ther 2014;19(4):331


Espí-lópez G, Rodriguez-Blanco C, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Benítez-Martínez J, Lluch, E, Falla, D.

The Effect of Manual Therapy Techniques on Headache Disability in Patients with Tension-Type Headache. Randomized Controled Trail.

European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2014;50(6):641-7


Molins-Cubero S, Rodríguez-Blanco C, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Heredia-Rizo AM, Boscá-Gandía JJ,  Ricard  F.  
Changes  in  Pain  Perception  after  Pelvis  Manipulation  in  Women  with  Primary Dysmenorrhea: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Pain Med. 2014;15(9):1455

Vieira-Pellenz F, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Rodriguez-Blanco C, Heredia-Rizo AM, Ricard F, Almazán-Campos G.
Short-Term Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Pain Perception, Spinal Mobility, and Full Height  Recovery in Male Subjects with  Degenerative Disc Disease: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2014;95(9):1631-19

Mendoza-Puente M, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Rodriguez-Blanco C, Heredia-Rizo AM, Torres- Lagares D, Ordonez FJ.
Risk of headache, temporomandibular dysfunction, and local sensitization in male professional boxers: a case-control study.
Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2014 Oct;95(10):1977–83.


Antolinos-Campillo PJ, Oliva-Pascual-Vaca A, Rodríguez-Blanco C, Heredia-Rizo AM, Espí-López GV, Ricard F.
Short-term changes in median nerve neural tension after a suboccipital muscle inhibition technique in subjects with cervical whiplash: a randomised controlled trial. 
Physiotherapy. 2014;100(3):249